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Product Data

We offer comprehensive coverage of product data from thousands of retailers. We do not use AI, but do manual scraping creation, which puts us above all AI based scrapers in terms of accuracy and coverage.

Product Information

Title, Description, Offers, Seller Ratings, Shipping, Variations, Images, Specifications, Features, Brand, MPN, Stock Availability, Rating etc.

Stock Quantity

Real time stock quantity from hundreds of retailers, including Amazon

Reviews & Questions

Get additional insight into products by scraping Reviews & Questions/Answers from the product page
Data points
Online shopping

Catalog Data Scraping

Process product information from the catalogs, it includes, but not limited to: title, price, image, link.

Catalog Pages

Scrape product data from any catalog page of the retailer


Scrape search results based on the provided keyword

Category Taxonomy

When scraping catalog or search pages, child categories are always included, therefore one can parse all of the retailer's categories

Product Database

Sku IO has one of the largest eCommerce databases, which includes millions of products and historical data on them, such as prices, availability & changes over the time. Sku IO constantly scans retailers to add data to the database.

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