Unlocking Data, Unleashing Value.

Sku IO offers bespoke solutions for eCommerce data retrieval, flawlessly adapting to any scale. We're your key to unlocking limitless data possibilities.

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Data Delivery

Our services encompass a wide range of data handling procedures. Whether you require raw data extraction, parsed data delivery, or custom analysis, our platform is designed with flexibility and accuracy in mind. Here's what we offer:


With our ability to retrieve valid HTML from any website at any volume, no data source is out of reach


Save your time and resources with our pre-parsed data delivery, available in diverse formats to suit your needs


Custom data collection and analysis as per your specifications, allowing you to focus on insights and action

Delivery Formats

From raw data to Redis, CSV, Google Sheets, Airtable, and even bespoke solutions tailored just for you - we've got all your data delivery needs covered

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eCommerce Scraping

Immerse yourself in the expansive world of eCommerce data with Sku IO's sophisticated scraping services. From meticulously extracting information from product pages, catalogs, and search results, to diving deeper into search keywords, quantities, and customer reviews, our capabilities go far beyond the conventional. Explore a world of possibilities with us, and much more.

Product Pages
Search Results
Search Keywords
And Much More

Bypass Blocks

Sku IO has one of the largest eCommerce databases, which includes millions of products and historical data on them, such as prices, availability & changes over the time. Sku IO constantly scans retailers to add data to the database.

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Product Matching

We have state of the art matching algorithm that uses multiple AI to find the best product match.

No UPC ? No MPN ? No Brand ?

Does not matter, our product matcher will identify if two products are the same

Search amongst all stores

We can find matches at any store world wide (same language for now though)

Global Product Discovery and Monitoring

Elevate your eCommerce experience with Sku IO's intelligent product finder and monitoring service. Our system effortlessly locates and tracks products across the digital universe, indifferent to geographical boundaries or language differences. Keep a close eye on your competition, or monitor resellers distributing products you manufacture. Harness the power of global data to gain an edge in your business strategy and operations.

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Seamless Ecommerce Data Extraction with Sku IO

Unleash the power of AI with Sku IO's Supplier Parsing. Our advanced system is designed to automatically and precisely extract eCommerce data from any online retailer. Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, our solution navigates through the vast digital marketplace, gathering the precise data you require. Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in eCommerce data extraction with Sku IO.

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